Kicking it with Soccer Rebellion: Our Collaboration with Grand Rapids' Bridge Street League


Kicking it with Soccer Rebellion: Our Collaboration with Grand Rapids' Bridge Street League

Follow the tribe at Vapin Ape FC in collaboration with Grand Rapids Bridge Street Soccer League, a cannabis centric competitive soccer league set on revolutionizing the way the game is played.

Igniting the Flame of Street Soccer Culture with Vapin Ape

As we have come to be renowned for our high-quality full-gram disposable, we are pleased to extend our influence beyond the realm of cannabis. We are also deeply committed to nurturing community bonds and endorsing initiatives that reflect our energetic, future-focused spirit. It's with great excitement that we unveil our latest activation, joining forces with Bridge Street League, an established adult futsal league nestled in the urban heart of Grand Rapids.

Vapin Ape Soccer Team

Powering a Soccer Revolution: How Soccer Rebellion and Vapin Ape Are Changing the Game

Our partnership with Bridge Street League, an initiative by Soccer Rebellion, perfectly embodies our dedication to community development and the creation of lively, engaging experiences. Soccer Rebellion's mission aligns seamlessly with ours: to amplify the US street soccer culture. In collaboration with Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., Soccer Rebellion has spearheaded the construction of three futsal courts in the city's vibrant downtown, presenting a lively hub that spotlights Grand Rapids' burgeoning soccer scene.

Friday Night Lights: Celebrating Soccer and Community at Las Canchas

Every Friday, these courts morph into a lively social arena as the community gathers for a thrilling evening of sport and camaraderie. From 6 to 8pm, Las Canchas becomes a hotspot for live music, food trucks, teqball, and a wealth of prizes and giveaways. It's about more than just the game; it's about immersing in the culture and fostering friendships. And the cherry on top? Everyone is invited, free of charge!

On and Off the Field: Vapin Ape's Active Role in the Bridge Street League

Vapin Ape is more than just a sponsor of the Bridge Street League. We are actively involved in growing this unique community initiative. Every Friday, our social team sets up camp, interacts with attendees, hosts games, and offers free samples and coupons. We're more than sponsors – we're fans and participants, cheering our hearts out for our incredible team as they hit the field.

Sporting the Vapin Ape Colors: Our Design Collaboration with Hasaan Designs

An exciting facet of our collaboration with Bridge Street League was the opportunity to design the jerseys for our team. We joined hands with Hasaan Designs to create the perfect sports logo, reflecting the vibrancy and spirit of Vapin Ape. The logo was the cornerstone for an extensive activation kit, encompassing full uniforms, socks, and drawstring bags.

From concept to logo

At Vapin Ape, we're thrilled to be part of the Bridge Street League narrative, contributing to the evolution of street soccer culture in Grand Rapids, and nurturing a community that mirrors our own ethos: fun, vibrant, and forward-looking. See you on the field at Las Canchas!

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